The Trouble with Money….

(an excerpt from my on-line course “Say I Do, Body, Soul, Spirit’)

As I work to help couples resolve their conflicts, the top three presenting issues, consistently and repeatedly revolve around sex, communication and finances. (As an FYI, the title of my master’s thesis was “Naked and Unashamed; Breaking Barriers Associated With Marital Sex.)

Insurance, government and bank statistics reveal that the majority of people do not have control over their finances. Temptation, ignorance and negligence usually contribute to financial pressure. By simply focusing on the situation, understanding a few principles and establishing a good framework, finances can come under control quite easily, offering greater marital stability while increasing the probability that you will enjoy the life you’re working for.

Eight Basics For Financial Stability

1 )  Make a budget and keep it.

2 )  Keep a record of expenses.

3 )  Save even while paying debt.

4 )  Use credit cards only if you pay the full balance each month before interest is applied.

5 )  Tithe.

6 )  Make a will.

7 )  Keep financial records safe and in order.

8 )  Learn about laws on family benefits.

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