Clinical Services

Through a compassionate therapeutic relationship, Elaine provides counselling and psychotherapy services that lead her clients to a place of greater hope and emotional well-being.  Elaine uses cognitive (CBT), behavioural Couple Kissing(BT), emotion focussed (EFT) and faith based therapies for couples, individuals and families.  Her services are holistic in focus, recognizing the emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspects of life.

Relationship Services

  • Healing relational wounds
  • Pre-marital and Pre-engagement Counselling
  • Developing effective communication and listening skills
  • Resolving conflict
  • Creating a safe, nurturing environment of love and respect
  • Restoring pleasure in intimacy
  • Setting goals and boundaries to enjoy life together

Individual services

  • Healing the wounds of the past
  • Developing strategies to overcome depression and anxiety
  • Working through grief, loss, pain and trauma
  • Increasing confidence
  • Managing unwanted emotions
  • Developing decision making, problem solving and communication skills

Other Services

  • To accommodate clients that would find it difficult to attend a session in-person, Elaine offers telephone or Skype sessions.
  • Elaine is accustomed to working with other health professionals to bring well-rounded care that may be required by some of her clients.
  • Elaine offers supervision services for student internships and small group facilitators.
  • Elaine is an accomplished and sought after presenter on counselling related topics.