For Better or For Worse

Twenty five years ago today, I walked down the aisle and pledged my life-long vows at the marital altar. Did I know what I was doing, heck no! Words like young, naive and happy came to mind as I reminisced last night. For sure I never would have imagined that the ‘for betters or for worses’ could have been what they have been. (Perhaps the inability to foresee what’s ahead is what keeps young couples making the glassy-eyed procession time and time again.)

Every marriage, bar none, has their own unique set of ‘for betters or for worses’. Sometimes they are unexpected and sometimes planned. They can be both welcomed and despised, bring joy and tears and have desirable and undesirable consequences simultaneously. Whether they are appreciated or not, all married couples experience them and are forced to re-think their definition of ‘for better or for worse’, as a result.

The truth is, our ‘for betters and for worses’ are never a surprise to God. He foreknew what my marriage would experience long before the invitations were sent out. He was aware of the disappointments, the frustrations, the wonders and the challenges as part of His great plan to refine both my husband and I into His image. I find these thoughts comforting. And in the light of His will to give us a hope and a future, I can trust the next 25 years into His hands, for better or for worse.

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