Communication Killers – Note to Parents

Parents often ask me, ‘Why won’t my teenager talk to me? Whenever my kids come in the house, they simply go to their room and immediately text or message their friends.  Even if I ask them ‘What did you do today?’ their reply is typically, ‘nothing’.  It’s frustrating!  What can I do the improve the communication in our home?’

It is frustrating when our own kids won’t talk to us.  I’ve been there personally, and still have to work diligently to keep the lines of communication open with my three young adult daughters.  To start, here’s five common Communication Killers that creep into our homes to rob us of our parent/child relationships!  Take a quick inventory….these are fairly easy improvement to make.  Hope it helps!

Communication Killer #1 – Not taking time.

  • If you’re not with someone….you can’t communicate.

  • Relationships need time.

  • Examine your schedules.

Communication Killer #2 – TV/Computer.

  • Steals opportunities for meaningful interaction/conversation.

  • If your students come home for an hour or so…….turn it off!
  • Give them undivided attention whenever they want to talk.

Communication Killer #3 – Never admitting fault.

  • Most people repel ‘know-it-alls’…..your kids included!

  • Humility and the ability to admit when you’ve made a mistake is endearing.

Communication Killer #4 – Failing to Invite Your Teens into Your Private World

  • Transparency about what you’re doing cultivates openness in what they’re doing.

Communication Killer #5 – Conditional Love

  • Using performance as the litmus test for love……big killer.
  • Learn to express love even when performance isn’t at it’s peak.

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