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With summer coming to an end and back to school and work routines starting up once again, I thought it might be helpful to offer a few insights as to how to keep dopamine levels (the ‘feel good’ chemical in your brain) high throughout the day. To Boost Dopamine… Get Enough Sleep – 8-9hours/night, napping [Read More]


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I recently had the beautiful opportunity to walk with a family as they said goodbye to one of their dearly loved.  Amidst the moments of sadness, anger and fear, there emerged notable scenes of compassion and reconciliation.  My mind flashed back to the week before, as I listened to the Senate (those thought to be [Read More]


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Over the last several months I have grappled with my feelings over the tragedy concerning Jared Dejong.  Living in the community of Ilderton, our daughters attended Medway High School and knew Jared.  As a matter of fact, my middle daughter and Jared went to prom together.  So, this local tragedy has come uncomfortably close to [Read More]


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As I reflect on 2015, amidst the moments of inspiration, fun and beauty, there has been a certain sense of uncertainty.  I feel it, I hear about it, I read of it in the news.  Increasing unemployment, the ever present threat of terrorism, sweeping political change…. it can seem as if we are living on the [Read More]